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6 Important Reasons for a responsive website

  1. There’s widespread use of Mobile devices. With the rise in the use of mobile devices, it’s important for any site builder that wants to attract traffic to their website to make it fully responsive. Internet users most avoid visiting sites that make it hard for them to access the content on using their mobile devices.
  2. People prefer to shop using mobile devices. Any company or individual offering shopping services need to ensure that they accommodate every visitor.
  3. Social media is a major traffic gateway for sites. Any site that intends to increase its traffic needs to make the site fully responsive. Most internet users in the current technological era access their social media platforms using mobile devices.
  4. Responsiveness increases the SEO ranking for the site. Google rewards sites with a better ranking, if responsive. Full responsiveness may mean better ranking with the giant search engines, and therefore better traffic to the site.
  5. Makes it easier to manage them. Instead of having two versions of the website (one for desktop, and the other for mobile devices), having one responsive site can save the organizations the resources needed to maintain these two sites. One site is easier to maintain. This, in turn, gives better Return on Investment to the organization or individual.
  6. A responsive site is associated with good customer experience. User like sites that adjust to their needs and not vice versa. As a result of the responsiveness of the site, users become able to accomplish their tasks while on the website with a lot of ease, thus increasing their satisfaction while using the site.


Basic Concepts Web Development

The right CMS for me?

In the development market characterized by the increased need to build websites using the shortest time possible while also employing very little effort, most developers, including newbie developers, are choosing to go for Open Source content management Systems (commonly known as CMS) to have the job accomplished. However, with the many CMS available in the web space, it may prove hectic for beginners to settle on the right one. Continue Reading